Can we please take the time to appreciate the awesomeness of this photo..

OKAY! 😀 One of my friends told me about it. It’s called an Irish Wolfhound and it is so so so so so SO cool! I believe it’s the tallest breed of dog.. The one shown in the picture is 6’1″! That’s so freakin’ awesome. I’d be so happy if I had that dog. It’s so cuuute! For some reason I feel like it’s like the happiest dog ever and it’ll make anyone happy the moment they set their eyes on it LOL. It sure would make me happy every time I came home to this baby. I mean.. look at that guys face! He’s like :D!!!! It’s like super duper fluffy and I wanna hug it so bad! No wait.. I wanna cuddle with it 🙂 Yeah.. (x

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