Please use your leash!

Today me and my friend were walking and we walked passed two dogs who weren’t on leashes. It makes me wonder and realize that it really bothers me.  When I see a dog walking with it’s owner without a leash in a off-leash dog hike, im cool with it. When I see a dog walking independently away from its owner on a busy street with narrow sidewalk, I want to punch the owner . Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs but I mean.. I’m also really scared that they’re gonna run up to me and bite me or something because it’s not my dog and I don’t really know it. Like there’s been incidents where dogs will run up to me lick my hand, then run off,  and theres other times where i’m walking my dog on leash and another owner has a to quickly call over his/her off leash dog in fear of some kind of dog aggression mishap. Really? Cmon now, why even do it. Its the worse mistake of lack of good judgement. Why risk it?  I guess these people are that comfortable with their dogs, (even if they’re aggressive dogs, which I, frankly, do not understand) but I’m not.  For many of reason. #1 I have a beautiful adopted obedient kind pitbull, and do not want any negative stereotype at the expense of someone else ‘s of lack of judgement.  #2 What if something happens?! The dog can run into the street and get run over or something! Or run away. There’s too many bad things that can happen which often appear innocent with tragic results… #3 Theres really no excuse, human can choose to do the right and smart thing. Being a lazy ass is not one of them.  In closing I just need to say people, please I just want you to be more careful with your dog sometimes.

dog at park photo

Photo by dwhartwig

Photo by Wonderlane

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