Do all dogs love each other?

Do all dogs love each other and it is just a perfect fluffy world? The answer is no, unfortunately. Just because they are furry creatures with four legs they do not just automatically get along.

This past weekend I went to San Jose to visit my friend.  I have a bulldog and she has a bulldog and they are both very friendly girls, so I automatically thought they would be BESSST FRIENDSSS and     IMG_4749have matching outfits and sing Kumbaya.   Nope! That was not the case.  Lucy was very territorial and protective of her mother ,so every time my friend would pet Ziggy Lucy would get in between them and show her who’s boss.  Lucy would punk Ziggy a lot of the time too, if ziggy wanted to go somewhere Lucy wouldn’t let Ziggy take a step in that direction.  It was funny how they have such human behaviors and personalities.

Then there are times where dogs just have love at first sight.  I was walking into PetSmart and my arm gets ripped out of my socket because Ziggy goesIMG_7953 running to this Bulldog Zeus.  So there was a play date in the middle of PetSmart and we exchange numbers wiht the parents to setup play dates and Ziggy has a boyfriend now.

Our dogs are just like humans, some dogs are their types and others aren’t.  Or sometimes it takes a little more time for them to warm up to each other or a little more sniffing to get to know them.  That’s why when people take their dogs to the dog park they need to keep a tight watch on their dogs.  You never know if some dogs mannerism will get another dog riled up.   Always be cautious!

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