Cancer-Stricken Dog, Lennox, Receives EPIC Final Meal (VIDEO LINK)

Losing your dog is gut-wrenching. Especially when having to put them to sleep. Lennox, a boxer breed, unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer and arthritis. Lennox survived with many surgeries but later on grew a tumor that made it hard for him to even stand. His owner decided to put him down.. but before that happened, he wanted to give him the best meal he’s ever eaten. There’s even a video! As of now, the video has almost 50,000 views and comments with people giving condolences and talking about their passed pets.


It’s SO heartbreaking hearing about these dogs being euthanized. I mean.. putting your best friend to sleep? It’s probably one of the most heartbreaking feelings ever. I know sometimes it has to be done though. I’d rather put my dog to sleep if he were suffering too. The suffering is way more painful to watch. His dog could barely even stand! I couldn’t be able to take that. I’d be so sad having to see that everyday. Not being able to take my dog on a normal walk around the block or not hearing the excitement and scratching of their nails on the floor when I get home. :/ Bleh.. so sad.. 🙁 I wish it didn’t have to be like that. Like dogs (or pets in general) just for some amazing reason didn’t get sick or something. Buuut.. that’s not the case.. animal euthanasia has to take place (if it’s necessary, of course). It’d be kinda selfish to let your dog suffer.

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