Dog Finds Small Fortune..

In Morecambe Beach, UK, a man’s dog found a lump of rare and valuable rock.. in whale vomit(Ambergris). He intends to sell it for more than $150,000. Now, who would buy a piece of whale vomit for that much money? The perfume industry would. Ambergris is valued in the production of perfumes and incense. Although it’s foul-smelling when it hits land at first, it gives off a pleasant smell as it dries up and helps prolong the scent of perfumes.

Ewwwwww! Whale VOMIT?! That’s so naaaasty! How can whale vomit be so valuable, what the heck! And it’s used in perfumes and stuff. How odd is that? I really hope he’s grateful for that fricken dog. Especially if he manages to get more than $150,000 out of it. I’d applaud him and the dog. I mean, I guess whale vomit is pretty rare to see on the beach so maybe it’ll happen if the perfume industry wants it bad enough, IDK. Now I feel like going to the beach and looking for some lol. I could get super rich from like three chunks of this stuff haha! Gross..

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