Save a Life

Heroes and Tails rescued a litter of  Yorkie Silk Terriers.  The mother had 7 pups total and the owner did not know what to do with the 5 others so she was going to just give them to the shelter.  Could you imagine if a mother had 5 babies and just decided “Nah I don’t want them, they can survive on the streets.” Dogs are like humans, they don’t deserve to be treated like that.  Every dog deserves a chance to live a good life.

Don’t worry though! Becky saved the day!!  She found a loving home to each adorable Yorkie Silk Terrier.  Heroes and Tails stresses how rescuing dogs is so important and that’s why we have a special “Rescue Collar”.  The Rescue Collar has so much meaning to us because rescuing a purebred or a mix dog is so impactful.  The truth about shelters are a lot of the dogs don’t get rescued because “they are in shelters”.  Dogs get depressed by being stuck in a kennel for most of the day and have no intimate interaction with humans.  They don’t get loved like how they would if they had a real owner or a real home.  They get lucky if they get a walk around the block.

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Heroes and Tails love all dogs and want the best for our furry friends.  We have dogs ourselves and we know all dogs are capable of being amazing best friends.

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