First Time Owner, Now a Lifetime Owner…

I always wanted a dog when I was little and my dad being my dad, told me, “Do your research on what dog you want, and then we will talk.” I was 10 years old and loved books and bought every dog book possible to do my research.  I decided I wanted a Welsh Corgie when I was 10 years old.  Months went on and years passed and I never got my dog as a little gHeroes and Tails Ziggy irl.

14 years passed and I finally got my very own puppy! I didn’t end up getting a Welsh Corgie, I ended up getting an English Bulldog.  The reason I got an English Bulldog is because my best friend got an English Bulldog and when she came to visit me in So Cal I fell head over heals in love with her.  She had such a fun loving personality and just didn’t seem like any other dog.  So I was set on an English Bulldog.

One day my boyfriend and I were shopping around the Irvine Spectrum and an older couple had two english bulldog puppies and of course me being obsessed with puHeroes and Tails Sleeping ziggy ppies ran over there and started playing with them.  They told me the younger girl was for sale and got there card and told them I would think about it.  I walked around the mall and could not stop thinking about her so I called them and told them I wanted her.  So I bought a dog at the mall spare of the moment.  CRAZY!

I can tell you that it is the best decision I have ever made.  Although I disliked Ziggy many moments when she was a puppy because she would bite me with her sharp baby teeth and poop and pee every where, and break my bank on vet bills, I can’t explain the unconditional love she has given me.  She makes me smile, cry, mad, laugh, but most of all loved.  She is my baby.  When I would see people have their dogs in strollers and sweaters I would make fun of them, but now I get it! I would do anything for Ziggy.  She is my hairy little baby and hate seeing her when she is in pain and would spend the world on her.

You really do not understand the feeling of having a dog until you get your very own dog.  Now that I have had a dog welcomed into my life, I don’t think I could ever not have a dog again.  They just make you sane in life even on the worst days.

Heroes and tails zig and jen

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