November is the Time to be Thankful

November is the Time to be Thankful

November is the time to be thankful!!   Thanksgiving is the holiday for being thankful for all the blessings in your life.  Your dogs especially should know just how much you appreciate them.  Just think,  your dogs put up with so much and deal with the up and downs of your emotions everyday without ever telling us to shut up or get over it.  They deal with our best times and our worst times and always come with a wagging tail wanting to give us kisses no matter what.

Dogs really are your best friend.  I am a first time owner of a dog and never knew a dog could be your best friend.  So this November I am very thankful for my dog because I have been through ups and downs and my little furry daughter has been by my side through all of it.  I feel like dogs are put on this planet to make people happy and to have that one person that is always there for you no matter what.  They do not judge you, they accept you for who you are.  The unconditional love and loyalty from them is a blessing.

There are so many different types of people in the world and all dogs just want to love you.  They love you no matter what color, shape, size, rich or poor you are.  When I see dogs with homeless people you can see how close their relationship is and how  much they love their owner.  A dogs loyalty to their owners is powerful and admireable that often  I wish more people had this quality!

November is the Time to be Thankful

Be Thankful for your Dogs

Just remember November is a special month for your dogs as well and you should do something special for them.  November is the time to be thankful! Make your dogs a special meal or take them on more doggy dates.

Dogs just want to have kisses and hugs all day and have quality time with their owners.  They don’t need a Louis Vuitton purse to show that their love, all they want is to cuddle and a good meal.  Give them that, your dogs deserve every bit of love from their owners.

November is the Time to be ThankfulNovember is the Time to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble Gobble!

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