The Meaning of Brave to Heroes and Tails

The definition of brave iHeroes and tails zig and kenny -Braven the dictionary is “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”.  I believe that dogs define brave and more.  Dogs show bravery by being by their owners side no matter what and even protecting others in need that they do not know.

The reason why Heroes and Tails create collars with special words like Brave is because they have a strong impactful meaning behind it. Each of our own dogs personally show bravery to us and we are sure other owners share the same feelings as us.

A dogs bravery know no bounds, and loyalty is unmeasurable.  Dogs go above and beyond the call of duty to help people in danger unselfishly. Dogs of War protect their soldiers and attack the enemy till they surrender.  Even homeless people that have dogs are the brave ones.  They provide homeless people protection, comfort, and security.  And of course our family dogs protect us, and children.  Dogs with children are a beautiful thing because dogs know that they need to be gentle and protective of them.

Dogs show bravery when they are sick too.  I feel like dogs don’t whine and cry like how humans do when they are sick.  They deal with it and still give us comfort when they are the ones in need of help.  Dogs are the most unselfish creatures and I wish some humans were more like dogs.  Their bravery is describable where we as humans need to model ourselves to learn how to be unselfish and BRAVE.

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