Rescue is a very important word to Heroes and Tails.  This word has sentimental meaning to us because our friends, family members, and ourselves have rescued dogs in shelters or animals off the street to give them a better life.  But it goes vice versa as well, although we have rescued them, they have rescued us.  So why wouldn’t you want to have a dog in your life!?  Dogs are just incredible creatures that light up a room with just their wagging tails even if they have had a tough life, whether it being living on the streets, being abused, or just being abandoned because they were too much work.

Rescuing an animal is an amazing thing to do.  Do you ever see animals on the streets and think oh my gosh where is their owner? I understand some people cannot take the responsibility of buying a dog but there are other options of helping out a pup in need.  You can foster a dog because you know you cannot commit to having a dog for a lifetime.  I worked at a fashion company and we were allowed to take our dogs to work and I would take my english bulldog every once in a while and a woman I worked with named Angie was OBSESSED with dogs.  So it sparked up conversation at work and she shared she fostered a beautiful Pitbull.  The love she had for him was incredible.  She would show me videos, pictures, and her eyes would just light up when she spoke about him.   She wasn’t the owner but she loved and cared for him like he was her own and sometimes thats all these dogs need is some loving.

Ever since I got my own pup I have such a weak spot for every dog.  I understand now why rescuing dogs is so important.  I see dogs on the street I want to go pick them up and keep them.  I go to the pet shop and see how miserable they are and I want to buy them.  Only if I had a trillion dollars to buy them all and lived in a mansion that was doggy proof I would be the Dog Queen.  So maybe think about before buying a dog go to the shelter and rescue one of the needed dogs there.  It will be life changing for them and you!

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