How to Stay Healthy? Buy a Dog!

Labrador and Trainer with Dog Chew Toy at Park

Do you take good care of your dog or does your dog take good care of you? It goes hand in hand believe it or not.  I know you will never forget those late nights and early mornings where you had to crawl out of bed to take them out to potty when they were puppies, or when they were teething and you had vampire bites all over your body, or they made your favorite shoes their new favorite chewing toy.  But think about what they do for you without you even thinking about it.  Dogs really do impact people’s lives making them a lot healthier in many different ways.


First off, they are your best friend and companion that keep you company every single day.  They are the first person to greet you with open arms with a wagging tail.  If you are lonely they are there to keep you company during your happy times and your rough times.  Animals don’t talk but they are always there to listen and always there to give you hugs and kisses when you need them most.  Now you know why homeless people have dogs! They have a companion by their side and they protect them.

Another thing a dog can help you with is not being a needy girlfriend.  I am guilty of being that needy girlfriend because I was bored and just liked to annoy my boyfriend and then I got a puppy and *poof* the annoying girlfriend was gone! So lesson to the boyfriends, get your girlfriend a puppy so she is occupied.  But getting a puppy really changed my life.  I am never lonely anymore because I have my dog to come home to.  I can cuddle and watch TV with her, I can take her on walks, I can take her to the dog park, I can pretty much do anything with her.

Dogs reduce stress and cause people to not be depressed.  I know from experience, I had a job that I was not too fond of which caused me to be depressed and stressed.  When I would come home to my dog, I felt like all my worries went away.  Dogs just automatically put a smile of peoples face because they just want to be loved and play.  I think dogs teach people a good lesson about life which is don’t take life so seriously.

Dogs keep you physically healthy.  Dogs like to play fetch and run around staying active, so if your dog wants to be active that means you need to be active with them.  This will force you to stick to a routine and take walks twice a day.  Before you would be a couch potato watching the whole first season of Orange is the New Black, but now you are doing 5 miles a week because you need to keep your dog happy and healthy.  I have noticed if I see my dog happy I am happy and that means you both are happy walking or jogging every week which is a win win for both of you.

Dogs really do keep you healthier physically and mentally.  They are the cure to all our problems.  I’ve noticed a difference in my life because of my dog and really do think they can change your lifestyle.

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