The Warrior and Survivor

[dropcap]I’ve[/dropcap] always been a dog person. I LOVE dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, skinny dogs, fat dogs, green dogs, and so on. Cats? No thank you. I have nothing against cats. I’ve just never yearned for one. As a child all my pets were dogs, so the thought of raising something other than a dog didn’t sound pleasing. Besides, all I’ve ever heard about cats are myths on how rude and vicious they are.

It’s funny how a pair of googly eyes can instantly change what you grew up believing all your life.

Her name is Camila. She is the cutest, sweetest, most affectionate pet I have ever had. When she first came to me, she appeared to have a head concussion. She had these big beautiful grey eyes. Her left eye had a popped blood vessel, which covered about half of her eye. Her right eye had a long scratch across it. She had obviously had a horrific day.

Camila is a 4 week old kitten. My coworker had spotted her on the side of the freeway about to walk into traffic. She didn’t hesitate to pull aside and save her. She walked into work with the kitten in hopes that someone would take her and provide her with a good home. Camila had me. I jumped in and agreed to provide for her.I didn’t care that she wasn’t a dog. She was in desperate need of someone and that’s all that concerned me.

2015-08-08 23.17.50-1_resized

Like I said before, Camila had bad wounds in her face. This left all of my coworkers wondering who would have the heart to abandon a helpless, innocent creature. It really kills me to think that there are shameless people out there who would hurt poor animals. They would be more than happy to just receive a small amount of attention. They are selfless and make for great company. Animal cruelty is never okay. According to the Humane Society of the U.S, it is estimated that about 1 million animals are abused or killed each year.

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I am more than proud to say that I am a new cat owner. I am in love with Camila and I’m having so much fun raising her. She is growing very fast and is looking healthy. Her gorgeous eyes are bigger and brighter. Her face is also healing very quickly. Camila’s traumatic experience doesn’t seem to be affecting her socially or mentally. She loves people. She also loves to cuddle and enjoys belly rubs, which I though was very strange for a cat. She is definitely different. All those myths I believed are officially out the window.

2015-08-08 23.49.53_resized2015-08-08 23.51.21_resized2015-08-08 23.52.17_resizedCamila has experienced so much in just her short 4 weeks of life. She is such a warrior! I am beyond lucky to have the opportunity to raise her. I could go on with the corny talk, but instead I’ll leave you all with this last picture of her truly embodying a baby.

2015-08-08 23.42.38_resized

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