Who is the Alpha in your Family?

Who is the alpha in your family? In my family sometimes it is me, and then sometimes it is the creature with four legs… I am guilty of being a push over or being lazy of not following through with being stern with my commands.  Some issues I have with my adorable sweet bratty bulldog is ruining my car and jumping on the couch and my bed.  IMG_8135

My car is all scratched up because she always wants to see whats going on.  She needs to see outside the front window ALWAYS.  So she scratches up my middle council and my seats to see whats going on.  And then with the bed situation she jumps up because I used to allow her on my bed when she was a small little pup.

So… the issue is me, pretty much…. I need to be more strict and follow through with my commands and not be lazy about it.  Even my mom says I am a pushover and she has never had a dog before! I have never had any other dog so I don’t know how other dogs are but my bulldog is stubborn (Just like me) and she wants what she wants.  I have been better about not allowing her to stand on the middle council and am stern about having her stay in the back seat.  I think once you keep doing a command they will understand and stop doing what they weren’t supposed to do.

Training a dog takes time and patience.  Sometimes I get frustrated because she is not a perfect angel that listens to every command but that is mostly my fault.  So I recommend when you do training lessons always practice it daily so they remember and have it in their heads.

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