It’s getting hot in hurrr

This So-Cal weather is crazy! It has been in the 90’s and its not even June yet.  Which means we need to keep our furry babies nice and cool and as far away from the hot concrete floor.  My friend tagged me in a photo on Instagram of a dogs paws burnt off and scabbing away because the floor was so hot.  It just brought awareness to me and I wanted to bring awareness to you all.

It is so important to keep our dogs safe from the heat.  Which means keep them cool inside with a lot of cool air and water.  Keeping them hydrated with lots of water is just as important to them as to us.  Just treat your dogs the way you would want to be treated.

Do you remember when you would run outside bare foot to get something really quick and it was like running on hot coals.  It HURT!! You don’t want what happened to this dogs feet happen to your dogs feet.  Does that photo below make you cringe? It makes me feel pain for that poor babies feet.  They have four feet and have to use those to walk and get around everywhere they go, so treat them with care.  Don’t be selfish if you want to go on a run and bring your dog.  Wait for it to cool down and go so the dogs won’t be in danger of the hot concrete.


Get your dog some shoes for their precious paws to keep them safe.  There are ways to avoid having this problem.  If you don’t treat this problem it could lead to infections and expensive vet bills.  Which will not make you happy.  So be smart! Don’t walk on hot surfaces for your dogs safety!


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