WHOOOOOWHEEEE! This Heat wave has been C-R-A-Z-Y! On Monday I went to the beach with my friends in Malibu and it was 117 degrees driving there in the car and it was about 93 degrees at the beach.  While we were by the car about to walk to the beach I saw a man with a dog talking to another man and the ground was HAWWWT, like you crack an egg on the ground you would have an omelet.  So this poor dog keeps picking up his paws because the ground is scorching hot and trying to sit to avoid the hot ground.  I watch this for at least 3 minutes but it feels like an hour long. It truly broke my heart to see this dog in soo much pain.  So my friend and I casually poor water on the ground so it would trickle over to the dogs paws so it would cool them down (the owner was kind of scary).

I am sharing this story because be cautious of your dog.  I understand that sometimes conversations go on and pass by you without knowing how long its been but if you have a dog with you that isn’t wearing shoes like you are go stand in the shade at least and talk.  Dogs paws are so sensitive to heat that it is very dangerous and can be so painful for them if they get burned.

Just do your dog a favor and leave them at home in air condition or with a bunch of fans and you can walk yourself outside in the 100 degree weather.


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