How to Keep your Pup’s Tail Wagging?

Puppies and dogs are just like children sometimes, you have to keep them entertained and play with them!  Thats the least they deserve is a couple play dates here and there right?! They do so much for us; their our therapist, our snuggle buddy, our security, our companion, our lover and the list goes on.

People who abandon their dogs and just leave them in their backyard or front yard need to take ownership of their dogs.  They bought them in the first place for a reason, so treat them right.  It makes me so sad when I see dogs in the front yard by themselves because dogs get lonely too.  I understand that people have adult things to do and are busy, but a walk takes at least 15 minutes and it will get you some exercise too.

Treat your dog how you would want to be treated!

Number 1. Play Dates!

Stock image of a dog park

Number 2. Feed them healthy tasty food!


Number 3. Make sure to get their regular checkups and vaccinations


Number 4. Throw them a partyy!! A Birthday party, a holiday party!! Make them feel special!!


Number 5. Love them and Cuddle them!!


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