Pampering your dog, safe or not?

A handsome golden retriever dog getting his fur dried with a blower at the groomer.

Is taking your dog to the groomer safe?  I have heard stories that are totally fine and than there are stories that are traumatizing.  The reason I bring this topic up is because my neighbor had two Frenchies (Lucy and Edmund), brother and sister.  While Edmund was getting groomed Lucy got too excited and had trouble breathing and before anybody could do anything she passed away.

After hearing that story it made me avoid going to the groomers because who knows if that could happen to my dog.  Certain dogs have certain characteristics that groomers need to watcImportance-of-Cutting-Dogs-Nailsh out for, for instance Bulldogs have breathing problems.  So if they get too excited or get anxiety and they have a leash on them they could choke.

At a Virginia Petco a poor two year old name Colby was killed because he was left inside a heated drying cage.  The groomer put him in there and left to attend a graduation ceremony and the dog’s temperature was till 105 degrees after an hour after he was killed.

A woman took some video footage at an Atlanta Petco showing a groomer violently yanking a dogs paw and shoved the poor pup around on the grooming table to clip the animals nails.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would trust a pet groomer after reading those short stories. Groomers should have love for these furry pets not be abusive to ANOTHER person’s pet.  The best way to groom your pets is doing it yourself.  If you can’t do it yourself make sure you are able to watch whoever is grooming them so you can speak up if they are doing something wrong.



Plus you can get some SUPER cute photos of your dog in the bath and make it a photoshoot!

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