Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

Every human has insurance so why shouldn’t our furry family members not have pet insurance? When I first got a pup I was the type that freaked out and wanted everything so I would avoid any issues in the future.  It was my first time having a pup and didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew they would need shots before they could play outside and play with other pups but that was all I really knew.  I didn’t know if dogs got colds? or the flu? chi-figo-pet-insurance-rusty-sproat-bsi-20150428

So I did my research on getting Ziggy pet insurance by looking it up online, talking to people and calling different pet insurance companies.  I was looking at the monthly fees and everything added up.  I wasn’t one that was making tons of money and was skeptical of getting pet insurance because  I didn’t know if it was worth it.  One lady I worked with who is actually a volunteer at SoCal Bulldog Rescue recommended that I not get pet insurance and just to have a piggy bank or open up a savings account for Ziggy.  You would think that pet insurance would be for any issues but many things are excluded such as pre-existing conditions.  So since Ziggy was a bulldog and if her parents had a lot of health issues it was hereditary so insurance wouldn’t help me.  Adding up premiums,deductibles and co-pays added up fast and felt like they were robbing me.  It was like gambling because theres a 5canstockphoto122900160/50 chance of your dog getting sick.  If your dog didn’t get sick then you paid that money for 7 months for nothing but if they did get sick then it was worth it.

I really think it depends on what you think is best for your lifestyle and pet.  You can also avoid high costs by doing your research on which vets have reasonable prices.  Butchko in Riverside has reasonable prices and are known to specialize in Bulldogs.



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