Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

[dropcap]People[/dropcap] have insurance so why shouldn’t our furry family members not have pet insurance? When I first got Ziggy, I freaked out and wanted everything so I would avoid any issues in the future. It was my first time having a pup and I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew she would need her shots before she could play outside and  with other dogs ,but that was all I really knew.  I didn’t know if dogs got colds? or the flu?


So I did my research on getting Ziggy pet insurance by combing all information regarding insurance pros and cons online, talking to people, checking out different pet insurance companies, and when I felt like I was schooled enough I called all the different companies to get answers that I could not find on the internet.  I made note of all the monthly fees and I kid you not, most of the plans were pretty expensive.  The weight was on my shoulders. I was making a big decision on behalf of Ziggy, with intent of making sure she was in good care at all times.  I need to point out, that at that time I was not making a ton of money and pretty skeptical of getting pet insurance because  I didn’t know if it was truly worth it.  One person I worked with who is actually a volunteer at SoCal Bulldog Rescue recommended that I not get pet insurance and just have a piggy bank or open up a savings account for Ziggy ( You would think that pet insurance would be for any issues but many things are excluded such as pre-existing conditions), also since Ziggy is an English bulldog, all hereditary issues would not be covered.  After doing research, and making note of all the premiums, deductibles, and co-pays I began to feel like pet insurance was a scam targeted towards loving pet owners like me.  At the end of the day, I bought her plan. For months she was free and clear of all health issues. Then one day, bam! She was diagnosed with Entropia. Insurance made her surgery “affordable” so to speak.  In reality, no surgery is cheap, but theres a difference between the ability to pay without losing your hair or NOT being able to pay because it woulImage result for worried about owning a dogd put you on the street.   In Ziggy’s case, If I did not have insurance, I wouldn’t know what to do because I can tell you that without pet insurance the cost of surgery would have been stupid expensive.

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